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About Carole Henderson

Carole Henderson was shattered by an enormous loss in November 2006, when her beloved husband Kevin died of skin cancer at age 40. Devastated by his death, she sought help from as many directions as possible and six months later by accident came across The Grief Recovery Handbook.

Completing the actions in the book changed her life and in November 2009 Carole achieved her qualification as a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist.

The late Russell Friedman, co-author of the book and former Executive Director of the Grief Recovery® Institute, recognised her energy and commitment and asked Carole to establish Grief Recovery in the UK in 2010, to increase the number of people with direct access to the Grief Recovery Method in this country. After comprehensive training with Russell and the Grief Recovery Method Founder John W James, Carole became the first Grief Recovery trainer in the UK. She has since become one of the UK’s foremost experts on grief and speaks internationally both in person and online.

Today, Grief UK Ltd is dedicated to helping the greatest number of grievers in the shortest amount of time, supporting both individual grievers and training those who wish to help others. There are over 500 Certified Grief Recovery Specialists in the UK who deliver the Grief Recovery Method and Helping Children with Loss programmes within their own practices, in the public sector such as the NHS, and in charities and schools.

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